Editing Your Xat Space

To Edit your Xat Space follow the steps below.

  1. Go to http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/editprofile.php Make sure its xat.com and not another site!
  2. Enter your xat username and password into the box and click Submit.
  3. You will then be able to edit your xat space!

More Info

Changing Backgrounds and Outlines

When editing your xatspace profile, the first box at the top will be a background box for you to edit. You can enter the link to an image, or use CSS Styling to further-enhance your background picture. To get a picture, you must go to http://photobucket.com or http://tinypic.com and upload your picture there. Then after uploading, copy the “Direct Link” box, and put that direct link in the Background box of your xatspace profile. You can also make your “About Me” background be seperate from your main page background.

To change the Outline box, change the outline width (how big it looks), and the color (use hex colors or color names, example red or blue or #000000).

About Me Section

Your About Me box does not support flash, meaning you can’t add chats or videos.

The xatspace “About Me” section includes a WYSIWYG Editor, for easy profile editing. To enable this, check the “Use WYSIWYG editing (beta)” box, and then click Save Changes at the bottom. When it re-loads the page, you will see the WYSIWYG options at the top of the profile box. To know what each icon does, mouse-over the icon and it should say what it will do when you click it.

Picture Album

To use the Picture Album, enter the link to your photobucket album. Note the album must not require a password to enter, to make it so a password is not needed, click Account Options at the topright of any photobucket page (when signed in). Then scroll down to Album Settings, and make sure it says your album is Public.

When you enter your photobucket link, it will show your entire album under your About Me section of your xatspace. Anybody can view your pictures. Make sure you don’t have any pictures on the album you wouldn’t want anyone on xat seeing! If they click a picture, they will see it in fullscreen mode.

Media Box

The media box (which is below the About Me box) allows for a full range of embeds or HTML support. If you need any ideas of things to add, head over to http://xat.com/web_gear/ and view the many things you can add, all created by xat.


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